Executive Assistant How To is the most valuable network of assistants around the globe. Born from a belief in the power of assistants coming together, EA How To is a fabulous and unique blend of professional development, support and networking.
And it's all done over a pink gin.

Become an EA How To Plus Member

Become an EA How To Plus member

Our first CPD certified training is here! How To Take Minutes.

Become an expert, board level minute taker with this 90 minute, CPD certified course that is packed full of downloadable resources. 

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Your work bible! 


Your Business Binder (A-Z) template is designed to help you create your own 'how to' manual. From air conditioning and board meetings to WI-FI and Zoom licences, we've got you covered.


80+ Email Templates

What To Say When… is a straight-talking, easy-to-navigate guide, packed with email responses for every eventuality. From the very basics to more complicated issues, this handy little manual has your back.
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Short Course

If you’re an EA with a to-do list, you need this!
Trello is perfect for executive, personal and virtual assistants.
Whether you work in a 1:1 relationship or manage multiple execs, Trello provides an excellent way to manage all your requests, jobs, projects and outcomes.
Oh, and did we mention it’s free?
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About Me


Alicia Fairclough is an executive assistant and the founder of EA How To. She is also an Aussie who bounces between London and Austin TX.

Alicia is on a mission to bring top level assistants together from around the globe so they can learn from and support one another.

In her spare time, Alicia likes to watch television programs aimed at teenagers, drink cocktails and write her ‘about’ page in the third person.

For advertising, collaboration, speaking or YouTube inquiries, press for gin.


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What our members say

Sharon Graves,
Executive Assistant, Philips Canada

The EA How To Group has been an amazing addition to my network. Being able to collaborate with like-minded individuals to share and learn from one another is priceless to me. I’ve been working as an Admin Professional for 30 years and I’ve supported C-Suite Execs for 13 years. Thank you for starting this awesome group!

Caroline McGlynn Tran,
Personal Assistant to the CIO,
New Zealand Parliamentary Service

I’m not perfect. Even after 20+ years as a C-suite Executive Assistant, there are still quite a few things I kind of suck at! What I have learnt along the way though is that if you want to stay on top of your personal and professional game, you need an EA How To Crew in your network circles. We all have something to offer because we are the ones who make absolute miracles happen every single day!

Cherrelle Stewart-White,
Virtual Assistant,

EA How To has been a great forum for me. It’s always nice to have somewhere you can go to ask any questions no matter how silly you may think they are and know someone will answer. There is nothing but positivity, laughs and good vibes only!

Karen McCarthy,
Executive Assistant to CEO / CFO,
Beck & Pollitzer

I believe that connecting with other EA's is fundamental to our role as they are the ones who absolutely fully understand and appreciate what we do, why we do it and can offer such great advice. They’re also the perfect soundboard. This fabulous network is growing by the day and the daily posts offering tips, a funny anecdote or just purely seeking advice are truly remarkable. It's simple really, seeking out like-minded people who offer encouragement and for you to provide it back. It just works so well.