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What Makes Our Private Facebook Group So Special?

We're not like a regular FB group, we're a cool FB group.
If you know the reference, you'll love us. If you don't, you'll still love us and occasionally be confused. 

There are a few things that make the EA How To private Facebook Group incredibly special. You'll need to join us to experience the magic! 

From the very beginning EA How To has aimed to have the most friendly (zero bs), valuable, supportive community and a lot of effort has gone into the group to ensure this has been the case. 

Membership Questions 
We verify members via their LinkedIn Profile, work email or other means to ensure the group is free from spam, service providers and bad actors. Please ensure you answer the membership questions to avoid being denied entry to the group.

It is incredibly rare for the group to experience a rude member but when we do, they are removed immediately. It's easy for online communities to become a sewer filled with anonymous trolls. You'll never find that in our group. Kindness and respect first. Always. 

Themed days like

  • Tipsy Tuesday 🍾 when we share our favourite tips.
  • Whatever Wednesday when we talk about podcast recommendations, what we're binge watching, how to deal with that annoying family member... Whatever.
  • Fab Fun Friday when we share favourite work related memes, jokes and tweets. Things that make us goggle.  

We also love a random FB Live, prize giveaway and celebrating our amazing community.

Anonymous Posts
Sometimes you need advice and you can't put your public profile to it. We've got you! 

Anonymous posts are limited to subjects where anonymity is obviously required. All other posts must be posted from the member's profile to continue to facilitate and strengthen our community. 

It's not the size it's what you do with it that counts. EA How To has never aimed to be the largest private FB group and in fact, we've actively avoided it. Our aim is to be the most valuable private FB community and that has meant limiting members to those who value and respect our community guidelines.  

For the first two years, the group was limited to EA How To Plus members meaning you needed to be a paid member to access the group. This ensured members were invested in the integrity of the community. We have since opened up membership to all executive, personal and virtual assistants who are verified via our membership questions. 

It is clear the group is run by professional EAs who love an organised group and love to share resources. We have a large files section where members have uploaded helpful templates and other handy resources. 

Most importantly, our community is made up of talented professionals who love to support one another and take pride in maintaining the integrity of the amazing community they are part of.  

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