EA How To Plus

EA How To Plus gives you access to the EA How To Global Community Forum (currently hosted on FB) as well as unlimited Tier One events and event replays. Event replays are exclusive to EA How To Plus members. 

Whether you are working, playing or in a time zone that isn't compatible with a particular event, you'll never miss out! 

You'll have access to all replays hosted right here on eahowto.com.

How do event tiers work?

Tier One

Tier One events are <£10. Think Q&A's, fireside chats, 40 minute webinars and so on.


These events will be free for all EA How To Plus members and a replay will be made available for all EA How To Plus members.  

Tier Two

Tier Two events are £10 - £50.


Think 2 hour training and development workshops, partner training events and small group coaching. 


These events are pay as you go. You will be advised whether a recording will be made available.

Tier Three

Tier Three events are £50>. 


Things like half or full day workshops and certified training programs as well as special guest training.


These events are pay as you go. You will be advised whether a recording will be made available. 

So what exactly is included with EA How To Plus?

Your EA How To Plus Membership Includes: 

  • Access to the EA How To global community forum (currently hosted on Facebook)

  • Free access to all Tier One events 

  • Exclusive access to replays of all Tier One events 

  • Discounts on Tier Two and Tier Three events 

What is the EA How To Global Community Forum?

The EA How To Global Community Forum is a private Facebook group with over 4000 members. 

It is the highest quality group online for assistants at all stages of their careers. 

A place where you can give and receive support, advice, tips and tricks. It is the kindest and most giving community of assistants you'll find and it is hosted by an incredible admin team who ensure the group is high quality, free from spam and kind at all times. 

The EA How To crew is made up of members from all over the world. The connections you need to make magic happen and people who will understand you in a way no one else can. 

The EA How To crew is your work bff helping you do all of the things.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does membership cost? 

Membership is $27 per year. 

How do you take payment? 

Secure online payment can be made via credit card or debit card. Visa, MasterCard and AMEX are all supported. 

Can I pay in GBP?

You sure can. Click here.

Can I pay in AUD?

Yep! Click here.

When will I get access to the EA How To Community Forum?

The EA How To Community Forum is currently hosted on Facebook as a private group. You will receive a link to join following your membership payment. You will gain access to the group within 24 hours. 

Where can I find the event replays? 

Once your membership payment is received, you will receive your login information for the EA How To members site where replays of all Tier One events are hosted. 

Why should I join EA How To?

I'll leave it to some of our members to tell you... 

"I really enjoy this safe place for EAs."

"This is my favourite career group by far."

"Thank you for all your fabulous hard work. I love this group so much!"

"I am constantly impressed by the quality content and support in this group."

"I'm so happy I found EA How To. It is the most valuable resource an assistant can have."