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Image of Alicia Fairclough, Founder of EA How To. Text says 'How to handle small talk with Alicia Fairclough, Founder of EA How To'

How To Handle Small Talk for Executive Assistants

In this video, Alicia Fairclough, Founder of EA How To, shares her tips for Executive Assistants on how to handle small talk. 

  1. Remind yourself you have as much right to be in the room as everyone else. You were invited for a reason and you’re an interesting person. People will enjoy chatting with you.  
  2. Be curious. Have a few interesting questions that you like to ask people. People love to talk about themselves. Ask them about where they’re from. What brings them to the event or how they got involved. Listen to them, be interested in what they have to say and engage.  
  3. Give people something to work with when they’re talking to you. For example, when asked “how are you?”. You could say “I’m well thanks” but that’s kind of a dead end. Make sure you add some more information like “I’m good thanks. I’m preparing to go on vacation in a few days and I’m really excited about getting to spend some time by the beach” or “I’m great thanks. I’m enjoying the signature cocktail. Have you tried it?” 
  4. Give sincere compliments. Maybe someone is wearing an amazing pair of shoes or has a fabulous tie. Don’t go overboard and don’t say it unless you mean it. 
  5. Be comfortable with your elevator pitch. Certain questions are inevitable. What do you do? How do you know the organiser? What brings you here? Think about how you intend to respond to those questions.  
  6. Have an exit strategy. Know how to move on from a conversation and how to exit the event.

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