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Image of Alicia Fairclough, Founder of EA How To. Text says 'How to Google Calendar Appointment Slots with Alicia Fairclough, Founder of EA How To'

Appointment Slots in Google Calendars - How to create

In this video, Alicia Fairclough, Founder of EA How To, shows you how to create appointment slots in 

Did you know that if you have a work or school Google Calendar account, you can now create appointment slots? 

That’s right, you now have the ability to set up a block of appointments on your calendar that other people can reserve.


Maybe you’re conducting interviews and you need to offer 3 candidates a 30 minute slot each. 

You can simply block time off in your calendar for interviews, give them the link and they can book themselves in at the time that works for them.   

Here’s how it’s done. 

Open your calendar and make sure you are in either day or week view. 

Click anywhere on the calendar.

Select Appointment Slots and give your appointment slots a title.

Choose the times you would like to be available for appointments. In this case I’m going to make myself available on April 15th from 10am to 7pm and the appointment slot time is going to be 30 minutes. 

You can now save your appointment slots.

You now have a link to an appointments page for this calendar. Let’s take a look. 

This is the page that you share with anyone who you would like to offer an appointment. 

I’m going to copy the link and paste it into the browser of another account so you can see how it looks from the perspective of someone booking an appointment. 

You can see I’m choosing to book the 1PM slot. 

This is how it looks on my calendar having booked the appointment. 

And this is how it appears on the calendar of the person offering the interviews. 

The calendar now shows the bank of slots offered as well as the one that has actually been booked for 1PM. 

It’s worth noting that when you add a guest to the appointment block, the guest gets added to every appointment slot in the block and receives an email each time someone reserves an appointment. 

For example, you might set this up on your execs calendar and add yourself as a guest. That way you’re notified every time a slot is booked. 

To add guests to an appointment block, open the appointment event and click Add guests. 

Most importantly, do not add people who want to reserve an individual appointment slot. 

Instead, send them a link to the appointments page.

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