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4 AI Tools for Executive Assistants

In this video, Alicia Fairclough, Founder of EA How To, talks about 4 AI Tools and how she is using them as an executive assistant. 

AI is the hot topic on everyone’s lips in the business and EA world. So today I’m going to share 4 super handy AI tools you can use right now as an Executive Assistant. 

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The first tool we’ll talk about is the most popular new kid in school and that is of course ChatGPT.  

This AI Assistant can be harnessed in a wide variety of ways to really work for you as an EA.  

You can summarise meeting minutes, draft professional emails, prepare meeting agendas, analyse and problem solve, explain business concepts and ask it to provide you recommendations, such as travel destinations and restaurants.  

Bear in mind when using this powerful and useful tool to also be aware of its limitations, potential biases and of course your company policies around using tools like this and handling confidential company information.    

Keep in mind the goal is to harness the capabilities without compromising on ethics.  And remember, ChatGPT is only as good as the instructions you give it. That’s why I have a handy guide to ChatGPT prompts. I’ll link to it in the video description. 


Next up we have some brilliant AI additions to an ever-popular tool that so many of us use and that’s Canva.

Did you know that Canva has an AI image generator? If you’re looking for that perfect image to accompany your presentation but can’t seem to find it anywhere, no worries – you can simply create it yourself by typing a text prompt.  

Canva’s Text to Image app will help you transform your words into beautiful images to use in your projects, such as social media posts, presentations or your website. It’s so simple and easy to use and I really encourage you to go and play with it!  


Next let’s talk about GrammarlyGo, the newly launched software from the ever popular Grammarly. 

Building on what Grammarly already offers, this advanced AI writing assistant helps users to create engaging and precise content whether you are writing emails, drafting reports or creating social media posts. 

It’s so advanced it can help you with your text’s tone, clarity and it can suggest prompts and contextual changes. It will be available for free to existing Grammarly customers and will integrate fully with the Grammarly app and all of the Grammarly add-ons for Chrome, Microsoft Word, Slack and Gmail – so you can take full advantage of all of its features across a wide variety of communication platforms from wherever you are.


Last but certainly not least is Osito, an AI travel planner that works with the tools and systems you already have to help you plan and curate your next company offsite. 

Osito is all about sourcing group travel bookings. 

It’s not an online booking tool, so even if your company uses something different, you can still use Osito – as you always book directly with the hotel.  

However, a huge perk with Osito is their fab feature of gaining free nights for personal travel when you do book through them. Think of it as a gift for all of your hard work organising. 

Simply fill in the information and details appropriate to your needs and Osito will return detailed quotes that will make your group travel planning absolutely stress free. 

I hope you enjoyed finding out more about these 4 fantastic AI tools and how we can use them as executive assistants day to day.  

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