The Communications Playbook

Develop an internal communications strategy that works for your business. 

First Workshop Date Wednesday 21 February 2024

Upcoming dates 2024


Join us for a Virtual Workshop where we will take 2 hours to go over the essential aspects of great internal communications guidelines.


This is an interactive 'cameras on' event. 


Wednesday 21 February 18:00 - 20:00
Greenwich Mean Time


Tuesday 16 April 7:00 - 9:00
British Summer Time

Your copy of The Communications Playbook is included when you attend the The Communications Playbook Workshop

Your Internal Communications Guidelines Template is pre filled and ready for you to customise. 



Internal communication guidelines ensure information is communicated clearly and consistently. It ensures transparency and protects against misinformation.   



A consistent approach to communication upholds a sense of professionalism within the company. It reflects an organised and thoughtful approach to sharing information. 



Proper guidelines along with standardisation can reduce the frequency of redundant communications making the entire communication process more efficient.

Whether you're a startup or a multinational, 'The Communications Playbook' empowers your teams, enhances transparency, and ensures that every message is delivered with clarity and purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet your Instructors

Alicia Fairclough is the Founder of EA How To, the largest and most active community of assistants in the world. Following a successful career as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of a number of tech companies, Alicia decided to turn her passion project into a new career and make it her full time mission to improve the working lives of EAs globally. 

Through her webinars, short courses, resources and ever-growing community, Alicia has helped countless EAs, PAs and VAs grow, learn and be the best they can be. 

A vocal advocate for this profession, Alicia has become an influential voice that executives and their assistants pay attention to. 

In her spare time, Alicia always has a podcast playing. She also likes to travel, explore new places, make her way through cocktail menus, bake, and create the perfect playlist for every occasion. 

Oh and in a previous life, Alicia was a Sydney based Travel Agent booking corporate travel!

Yvette Pearson is a Revenue Operations Consultant and Certified Slack Admin, having spent 15 years as a senior EA, Chief of Staff and Office Manager. 
Working in blue chip and startup financial services as well as high growth aerospace has given her a breadth of experience when it comes to not only booking travel but also being a business traveller. She was once responsible for the full travel management for a team of 50 London bankers. 
She often speaks at conferences and on webinars, giving talks on project management for assistants or sitting on panels. 
An advocate for the administrative profession, around three years ago Yvette set up The Admin Wrap - a weekly newsletter for the EA community - which now has over 6000 subscribers. 
In her spare time, Yvette loves putting on some classic 2000s rock and lifting weights in the gym. She's obsessed with gardening and loves wandering round a garden centre picking out new bulbs and seeds. 
Yvette started her career as an estate agent and once managed to get herself locked out of the office. 

Unlock the potential of seamless communication within your organisation with 'The Communications Playbook'.





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