Business Continuity Planning.

Download the ultimate guide to business continuity planning and put plans in place to disaster proof your organisation because failing to prepare is preparing to fail. 



What's Business Continuity Planning?

A BCP is a document that details how a business will continue to operate in the face of disaster.

What Happens If...

What Happens If... is your 27 page guide to developing an excellent Business Continuity Plan.

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This guide is for you if you want to know how to develop a successful Business Continuity Plan that covers every eventuality.


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


14 scenarios you need to plan for.

In 2021, Facebook (now Meta) suffered a network outage that impacted millions of customers. Most of us probably remember the day the holy trinity went down. No Facebook. No WhatsApp. No Instagram. While we weren’t able to see which kind of toast our second cousin’s ex-boyfriend had for breakfast, did you know that the outage was so widespread, Facebook employees, including the IT staff, were unable to get into the building to fix the problem? The 5.5 hours of downtime cost the company over 60 million dollars in advertising revenue.


Whether it's an ash cloud disrupting business critical travel, a key member of staff leaving with no notice, a laptop left at the pub or the business has been hacked, you'll be prepared. 

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