Whole Brain® EA with Executive Coach & Leadership Expert Anja van Beek 

We are excited to announce that in March and April 2024 Anja will be running two training sessions to help you understand your thinking preferences, giving you a new perspective on yourself and those you interact with, by harnessing the power of Whole Brain® thinking. 

Two 3 hour session times to choose from:

Tuesday 26 March 3:00pm - 6pm GMT 

Tuesday 9 April 8:00am - 11am BST

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Understand your blind spots and how to really effectively contribute to your team by taking part in our Whole Brain® EA webinar.

The Whole Brain® Thinking Methodology was developed in the workplace, for the workplace and has been described as "the most advanced system ever developed to measure and define cognitive diversity."

As part of this training, you will complete the HBDI® assessment and you will receive your personalised thinking style report. 

This session is $49 for non members. 

EA How To Plus members can use their 25% discount code. 

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Improve Communication

Personalising and sharing your communication preferences leads to more effective information sharing

Make Decisions 

Understand your thinking preferences and those of the people you work with to help find the decision making approach that works for your team.

Solve Problems 

Learn how to use different perspectives of your team members to your advantage when problem solving 



The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® is the world’s leading Thinking Styles assessment tool. It is backed by over 40 years of brain-based global research and scientific validation.

As part of this training with Anja, you will complete the HBDI® assessment and receive your personalised report. 


Whole Brain® EA

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