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Become an affiliate of EA How To and you’ll earn a commission of up to 30% whenever you refer someone for membership—for free!

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Open to all

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More than just a thank you

We believe anyone who helps us to grow our community should be supported and rewarded—and not just with a throwaway email or message. We wouldn’t be much of a work BFF if we kept all the perks to ourselves now, would we?

Commission for the whole crew

Depending on what you refer someone for, you’ll get between 15 and 30% commission, paid directly into your Paypal account. Plus, if one of your referrals purchases a recurring subscription, you’ll get commission every time they renew or pay. We call this our Lifetime Commission.

Making you a sales pro

Don’t worry, we don’t just sign you up and wave you off. All our affiliates receive a marketing materials package, full of ready-to-use content to support your social promotions and gain you more referrals.

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Rewards for helping grow your community

No catch. Just cash for helping grow the community you love.

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