Cosy Home Office Essentials 2021

I've never met an assistant who didn't love creating a beautiful, functional workspace. I myself recently moved into a new home and am most excited about styling my new office. Pictures coming, I promise!

Until then, here are my favourite home office essentials for a calm, beautiful and functional workspace.

The Desk

I need a clear desk space and favour a sleek, elegant vibe. I don't want desk storage or clutter. Just the essentials. These are my top picks for desks.

Coavas Folding Desk in Oak & White

This gorgeous minimalist desk is perfect for small spaces and folds away easily if that's what you need. It's also available in range of colours. I'm willing to bet you can find one to suit your aesthetic. Get it now for £89.99.

Centurion Supports ADONIS Gloss Walnut and Matte Black Legs Ergonomic Luxury Desk

Going for more of a traditional and luxurious vibe? The ADONIS in walnut and black is stunning and goes with just about everything. Formal without being dated or too bulky, what's not to love? Yours for £249.99.

APOWE Home Office Desk with Storage Shelves

It's a little bit rustic and a little bit industrial. it has storage shelves and I think it's fabulous! It's also available in a range of sizes. Pop it in your office now for £109.43.

Coavas L-Shaped White and Glass Desk

White and glass and L-shaped, oh my! If you're in the market for a sleek, modern desk with lots of space but one that doesn't take over the entire room, this is it. Buy it now for £95.99.

Desks with Storage

Storage free isn't for everyone. If you're all about the drawers and the shelves, these are for you.

HOMCOM Workstation £144.99

Hadwin Workstation £139.99

Redstone Computer Desk £59.99

Lubvlook Standing Desk Converter

We all know the importance of standing up throughout the day. Now, it has never been easier. The Lubvlook Standing Desk converter is adjustable and sits on top of your desk giving you a range of height options. Get it now for £109.99.

Décor & Essentials

HUANUO Non Slip Adjustable Footrest £29.99

The EA How TO HQ has this exact one and it's perfect! Get yours here.

Homealexa Long Hot Water Bottle With Cover £16.59

I absolutely love this water bottle. It gets me through winter, cramps, an achy neck or sometimes it's just for comfort. Get yours here.